Payment Method

We currently accept payments for purchases / orders that you make via cash deposit or transfer to the following bank:

  1. BCA , Name : Ferawati , Account Number : 0017256100
  2. Mandiri, Name : Ferawati , Account Number : 1680001059193

You can select it when you finish the shopping process (step - payment/pembayaran)

Procedure of Payment

After you have completed the shopping process and have chosen the payment method, wait for information from us regarding the total costs to be paid in relation to shipping costs which are not yet included in the total shopping value. Next, you are required to make a payment according to the payment method you have chosen during the shopping step - payment process. When making a payment (cash deposit or transfer) you must include the order reference number as your payment information. This is very necessary so that we can easily identify your payment. Please ask the bank concerned about the procedure for adding information / news during cash deposits or transfers.

Transaction Security

We guarantee your payment transactions are safe, because all payment transactions are made through banks and not directly online.


After you make a payment, then you are required to confirm to us that the payment has been made.
You can confirm payment via WhatsApp to the number : +6281519193777, e-mail to, or send a message to our customer service via the Form Box that we provide.

Time Period

We provide a payment grace period of up to 3 days from the time your order is completed. If the payment for the shopping / order that you have made has not been paid over the deadline, we will regretfully cancel your shopping / order status.

Money Back Guarantee

We guarantee you will get your money back (after postage deductions) if :

  1. The goods / products you receive do not match what you bought / ordered
  2. The goods / products that you receive are defective or have suffered damage that is not due to the shipping process
  3. You cancel your order before we prepare your order for shipment

Your refund will be made by transferring back to your bank account. If your payment is made by cash deposit, we will return your money in the form of a deposit that is recorded in your account and you can use it to shop for other goods / products.

We will process your refund after we examine the case you are experiencing and after we receive your return on the goods / products you bought / ordered. Shipping costs for returning goods / products are your responsibility.

Vital Records

Payments and confirmations that are not made in accordance with what we have described above will result in late identification of your payment, or not receiving your payment which can result in the cancellation of your shopping / order.

The payment that you have made cannot be returned if your shopping / order has been prepared even more if we have sent it or there is no reason that we can accept as described in the "Money Back Guarantee" above.