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To be able to shop / order at our online shop, you must register by including your personal data, address, and other required information correctly. Your e-mail address is very important, because our main means of communication with you is via e-mail. Therefore, make sure your e-mail address is correct and valid and make it a habit to always check your e-mail inbox. There are times when e-mails from us enter your spam e-mail folder, so please check your spam folder.

Errors or negligence in writing down personal data, addresses, e-mails and other required information will result in delays in your shopping / orders or even being canceled. When this happens, the problem is your sole responsibility as a customer.


By registering and shopping at our online shop, you certify that you have read and agreed to all the terms, agreements and conditions that we describe here as well as other information that we have described on the Shipping and Payment page.


We make sure all goods / products that we offer or sell in this online shop are new and in good condition. If you receive a defective or damaged item / product that was not caused by shipping, please contact us immediately.


All goods / products that have been purchased cannot be returned or exchanged. Guarantee is a guarantee provided by each manufacturer of the goods / products you buy / order. We are not responsible for any problems or damage that occurs after you use the goods / products that you buy / ordered.