About Us

BATAVIA LIQUOR was established in 2013 to provide specialist services at the Jakarta Liquor Store. Our commitment is to provide official, classy & international quality Liquor Shop services at competitive prices and relatively affordable. So far, Batavia Liquor has experience serving clients nationwide in several areas in Jakarta, Bandung, Bekasi, Bangka, both individuals and companies. The quality of our best liquor that has been widely recognized does not make us satisfied quickly. Supported by distributors & quality human resources & professionalism, we continue to develop our capabilities in selling official and original liquor for the sake of our customer satisfaction. Get our services that are high quality, classy, ​​elegant & exclusive & different from the others only at BATAVIA LIQUOR.

We are open 7 days a week & our working hours is from 09.00 until 21.00.

Company name

Batavia Liquor