Currently we use the following companies to send your order to reach all parts of Indonesia according each service provider:

JNE (Okay, Regular and ONS)
EMS Pos Indonesia

In connection with the above, the delivery time will depend on each of the service providers as well as the appropriate type of service used.

Total shipping cost is calculated based on the total weight of x postage.
Total weight = total weight of your order + packing weight package
Postage = appropriate postage applicable in any appropriate type of service provider used (generally per Kg)
Because the delivery service providers as mentioned above have not been integrated into our system, the calculation of the total cost of postage will be informed as soon as we obtain your order and once you approve it.
After you complete the booking process (checkout) total expenditure / total value of your order is not true because the cost of postage is not included, therefore please wait for advance information from us before you make payment according to the payment method you have chosen.

We guarantee all items / products we sell and send it to you has checked in advance and have been confirmed in good condition. However, damage may occur during shipping, and it is the responsibility of each provider of shipping services. Therefore, if the package you received a defective or damaged condition, please contact the relevant delivery service company before you open it.